Charmi Not Got Relief from High Court

Charmi rit petition on drugs scandal
Charmi rit petition on drugs scandal

Even though Charmee was hailed as a daring girl when she moved to court against Special Investigation Team, she didn’t get relief from High Court’s judgement.

She told High Court that SIT is using coercive methods during its questioning of celebrities and requested the Court to grant her exemption from appearing before SIT.

But High Court agreed with the SIT’s argument that they are using best interviewing techniques available across the world to grill those who are appearing for questioning.

Court asked SIT to question Charmee only from 10 am to 5 pm by lady officers and asked them to record all the inquiry.

The court also granted permission to SIT to question Charmee the next day if they required further questioning.

Charmee’s lawyers argued that her marriage prospects would be spoiled if she is dragged into this case but the judge didn’t buy this argument.

Finally, the only relief Charmee got from High Court’s judgement is that she has the liberty of not giving blood samples to SIT.